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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Bipolar: A breakdown’ by Max J Freeman.

Bipolar: A breakdown
Bipolar: A breakdown by Max J Freeman

Admittedly, this is the first book review I remember writing since my high school days and don’t think I’ll be able to give what has been an inspirational read for myself, the justice I feel it so readily deserves.

‘Bipolar: A breakdown’,  is a stark 12,000 word account of the author’s seven day stay in an acute ward of a psychiatric unit due to, ” …a couple of failed suicide attempts”. It is published without any edits and according to the author in his prologue, was never intended to be published. I’m glad Max Freeman changed his mind.

The author, who describes himself as a ‘manic depressive’ doesn’t fail to deliver an enthralling read  which combines  not only the observations of the going’s on in a 21st century NHS psychiatric unit and the author’s fellow ‘inmates’;  but is also a written journey of the author’s state of mind, as his consciousness is slowly relieved of the powerful anti-psychotic drugs that Freeman observes had got him admitted into hospital in the first place: sadly having been prescribed them to help lessen the impact of his ‘condition’.

As a footnote, it is a sad indictment to NHS mental health services  that the author felt that he had to ‘beg’ to be admitted to hospital, especially in light of the fact the author had reached the harrowing conclusion that his future no longer lay on planet Earth; which is recalled in complete honesty and the, dare I say, selfish thoughts that dominate the thinking of a suicidal soul. I could relate to it, and I suspect many others who’ve walked this dangerous path could too.

I challenge anyone who reads this book who have themselves spent time in a psychiatric unit, not to relate to many aspects of Freeman’s observations of 7 days spent in a  21st century NHS psychiatric unit, and the value of tobacco as a currency! Anyone who works in the sector, or has experiences of a psychiatric unit can also see some common characteristics of Freeman’s colleagues in units up and down the country.  Max’s experiences with the “delusion of psychiatrists”  is spot on along with his own theories on mental health and the restrictions many people place on themselves by clinging onto the label they may have been given by professionals in this most underfunded subjective medical science: where the effective treatment of an individual more often than not results in months, if not years, of prescribed experiments in finding a suitable medication  or therapy – if at all to become more ‘normal’.

This is an essential read for politicians of all levels; practitioners of all aspects in psychatric care and those interested in the mindset of a typical ‘manic depressive’; if one can exist? Written intelligently, portraying a roller coaster ride of emotions, it is far from easy reading if you are offended by the frequent use of expletives and sometimes upsetting content; but this is more than made up for with much wit and humour even in the face of adversity. If you’ve ever been given the ‘bipolar’ or ‘schizophrenic’ label, this ebook will give you solace in knowing you are not alone and Max may inspire you – as his ebook has me – to think about yourself in a different and more positive way.


“Bipolar: A breakdown” by Max J Freeman (Kindle edition) is published as an ebook and is available for download from Amazon – HERE.

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It was Labour that started privatisation of the NHS!

If it’s one thing that really gets my goat, it’s the Labour Party and the countless power-hungry,  corrupt and lying unions that bullshit everyone by telling us that the Tories are responsible for the ‘sell-off’ of the NHS.  Who the fuck do you think introduced the Private Finance Initiative that has left health trusts with massive debts? Who the fuck thought a French IT company was the best outfit to assess whether someone was entitled to disability benefits. Yes, it was Labour and if you really think ANY mainstream political party isn’t influenced and bribed by rich, multinational corporations, may I suggest you read this article for starters!

Vote Labour, get exactly the same as the Tories, LibDems, Greens and UKIP will give you; bullshit, propaganda and a continued loss of your liberties and freedom!

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12 things you should know about “Help to Work”

Another great post from “Another Angry Voice”.

“In April 2014 the Tory led government introduced a new punishment regime for the unemployed called “Help to Work”.  The scheme uses the threat of absolute destitution (via benefits sanctions) to compel the long-term unemployed into giving up their labour rights and working for no wage.”

In this article Thomas G. Clark outlines 12 significant criticisms of the scheme, and the misleading way it has been presented to the public.

Read More —

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Universal Basic Income – A sensible option?

If it’s one political blog that I enjoy reading; it’s Thomas Clark’s “Another Angry Voice“.

In an article, linked to below, “Another Angry Voice” sets out the case that a Universal Basic Income based welfare system would be a “massive improvement on the current punitive welfare bureaucracy in the UK”.

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